It’s easy to make clay by yourself at home with just flour, water, salt, and vegetable oil. You can shape the clay into any form, bake and then paint it as you want. If you don’t have an oven or you don’t want to use your kitchen, the clay can be naturally dried from 48 to 72 hours.

Homemade clay is also a great way to get your kids into crafting without having to worry about little ones tasting their art. Here are some homemade clay idea suggestions for you and your kids.

Clay rainbow: Split the clay into seven equal portions and then use food coloring to change the clay to the seven colors of the rainbow. Roll the clay into long, thin strands. Form each clay portion into an arch shape. Join the strands together to create a rainbow. Dry or bake the clay and varnish it.

Christmas tree ornaments: Cut out shapes like trees, hearts, stars, or snowmen by using cookie cutters. Use a pencil tip or craft stick to draw designs into the clay, and then punch a hole through the top. Dry or bake the clay and paint it with fun designs. Yarn to the hole or thread ribbon.

Caterpillars: Split the clay into 10 pieces, with one piece a little larger than the others. Dye each portion and create the color of your choice with food coloring. Roll each piece into a ball to create the body and the larger ball will be used to make the head. Snip a pipe cleaner into 8 shorten portions. Put one pipe cleaner into each side of the balls, except for the head, and then slightly bend them. These will serve as the legs. Push two eyes into the front of the head. Stick the balls together, and let the clay dry or bake it. Finish it by varnishing the caterpillar.


  • Don’t make your clay projects too thick, or they will crack when baked.
  • Use cookie cutters to help make more precise shapes.
  • If you want your clay to have a golden appearance, brush your pottery with egg yolk before placing in the oven.
  • After baking, decorate your projects with acrylic paint.