Clay Jam is an action game where players must try to aid residents of a Claymation world. There is some violence, but it is cartoonish and minimal. It has in-app purchases, but they are not aggressively pushed on players and players don’t need them to enjoy the game.

What is it about?

In Clay Jam Game,players attempt to roll a ball at the bully beasts, but not in a malicious manner, to knock them as far as possible at the end of each level. Players have to save a world by rolling a ball down a clay mountain and squashing small creatures to grow in size. Players control the direction of the ball by carving a route in the clay with their fingers, which the ball follows. Bully beasts can only be defeated ultimately by finishing a number of tasks, like rolling down the hill without touching anything or squashing six of a creature in a row. After finishing a level, players collect clay and can use it to create other creatures that they can squash on the hill as well as unlock other hills.

Is it good?

Clay Jam is fun, quirky, and adorable. Its Claymation effects are outstanding  and its gameplay is simple but addictive. The movement is great and the sounds are squishy and often goofy fun.

The game seems simplistic but there is a complexity behind its basic controls that may bring you back time and again. And children will love playing game in a real-life cartoon setting. It is an app that will thrill and amuse both you and your children. And that is all you can ask for from a game app.

App details

Publisher: Zynga

Price: Free

Pricing structure: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android

Category: Action Games

Size: 48.40 MB

Minimum software requirements: iOS 4.3; Android vary with device.