Rarely does a woman say no to jewelry. In the frivolous world, there are women who make their own jewelry to satisfy their passion for beauty for themselves and for their friends.

Having studied jewelry design with Miwaka (living in Tokyo), expressing her ideas in the latest products. So it is no wonder that Miwaka has launched the line of branded jewelry products Lajew Adinfashion. There are silver rings that are designed in combination with very fine natural stones.

In addition to dropping the creativity with silver rings, Miwaka also showcases talents through natural stone sculpture designs … If you love the gentle style, you will love the Labradorite stone ring engraved. The girls are pursuing the style of rock – chic will certainly be fascinated by Miwaka’s charm of skull shape.
Asking the reason why step into this path, Miwaka said: “The hardest thing is finding the idea. Ideas come from many places and come very suddenly. It may come from the customer, from the stone itself or from online sources. Sometimes I sit up and there is no idea but sometimes the idea comes across by itself.”
“Once you have the idea, the next step is to sketch the paper. Since then, I have re-modeled in hard wax with a ratio of 1: 1. This wax is dark green or turquoise. Since it’s a separate design, the waxes are made entirely by hand, not by machine, as in some other places. Finally, the plaster molding and the new molding of metal,” She added.
The process of making a piece of clay jewelry has many different stages. First, use a roller for clay loosening the cake. Next, use a pen shaped product. Last, use a knife to cut off excess soil to form the most standard shape of the product.
Those who have learned how to make pottery know that it is not easy to get the color of the glaze in the process of burning ceramics. But if you are passionate about spending time with pottery as you do, you will find pottery, the color of the baking sometimes differs from the original color that you paint. But by the hand, I can watch the color that I want. One point to keep in mind when making ceramic jewelry is that clay will shrink when heated at high temperatures.
The process of making a jewelry is not easy. If you know the techniques that make sure all girls will cherish the ring, earrings or pendants that they own.