Lynn Osgood and Elaine Hutchinson, and former Chelsea players contributed to the statue of “The King of Stamford Bridge”. The work has just been opened last Friday.

The two wives of Peter Osgood and the former teammate who once stood with him, Ian Hutchinson, who knew Osgood better than anyone, co-directed the sculptor Philip Jackson to sketch the most complete picture of Chelsea’s legend.

They succeeded when the statue showed a true image of the 9th star for a while.

“It’s amazing,” Mrs Lynn said on the club’s official website. “People were worried a lot when the work was going on but now they all show interest in the work.”

“I was anxious to wonder what the statue would look like when it was finished, but when I saw the statue, I found it more beautiful than I imagined it was a thousand times.”

“The work perfectly describes him. It shows the personality and personality of Peter – The King of Stamford Bridge,” she added.

Contributing for a long time apart from Lynn (left photo) also has Elaine (right photo), wife of Ian Hutchinson, another Chelsea legend. Ian is a close friend of Osgood both on and off the pitch. They even managed a pub together.
“We were assigned to search for images before,” explained Elaine.

“Lynn has a lot of pictures but I also found many other photos of Peter and Ian while they were still together.”

“The working time is very touching. People give love to the work in different ways. But worry also covers everyone during that time. Everyone is afraid that the incident will happen and lead to When I see the statue people will say, ‘That’s not Peter.’

“But everything is perfect after all. The way he stands there is like saying: ‘Come on, whether you leave or stay! – I’m still here forever.’

In charge of club history, Mr. Rick Glanvill also helped Jackson in creating shoes, shirts of the 60s and 70s, even the ball on the statue.

“I’m grateful to Rick,” said Mrs. Lynn. “He provided us with photos, videos, books and everything related to Osgood.”

“The work requires a lot of work but without errors at any stage, Philip has created a great work.”

Darren, Osgood’s son, was also excited to admire his father’s bronze statue. After the death of Peter Osgood in 2006, Mrs Lynn built a charity called The Peter Osgood Trust, an established organization that helps improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young citizens in London. . This organization received many contributions from Chelsea fans. On this occasion, Mrs. Lynn also thanked everyone who contributed to the development of the charity.

“It is associated with the name of Peter Osgood, I hope everyone will join hands to develop this meaningful organization.”