Okoye Couture is a Baton Rouge line of handmade clay artwork and textile rings inspired by way of African culture and textiles.

Morgan Udoh is the dressmaker and owner of Okoye Couture. In 2018, Udoh commenced using polymer clay and her creative capabilities to design hand-crafted clay art portions. Stimulated by using a number of the maximum beautiful aspects of Africa, every artwork piece holds a cultural context that you can wear.

After beginning a style line complete of elaborate and precise clothing options, Udoh determined to take her skills to the subsequent level. She wanted something that was now not simplest meaningful to her however turned into also absolutely hand-crafted, and hence, Okoye Couture become born.

“I never recreate my patterns due to the fact each piece is a literal piece of art,” Udoh said approximately her earrings.

Udoh started with making beaded cuffs after which expanded her series to rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It wasn’t until early 2019 that she got a manage on her idea and discovered a manner to definitely make her artwork come alive.

Udoh used her African ancestry to merge two of her passions—family tree and art. not best did she want to make jewelry as a innovative outlet however additionally supply which means to it. every clay slab is inspired via a specific tribe, way of life, or usa in Africa. It’s Udoh’s way of creating the continent come alive and reviving antique, forgotten cultures.

“I experience like I’m doing what I am imagined to be doing,” Udoh said. “through highlighting cultures and countries at the continent i’m giving human beings greater context to the splendor of Africa.”

Every premade layout sells for $15. custom order earrings is round $20 or more depending on style and satisfactory. Okoye Couture makes earrings for absolutely everyone, in order that consists of hypoallergenic and non-pierced ears.

Most rings or necklaces can take approximately 24 hours to create while larger works can take everywhere from every week to a month. To create your very own art look you simply select a base style and colours then allow Udoh make your earrings come to life. Not handiest is her artwork fashionable and distinct, however it’s something you cant find in any boutique.