The latest trend in food, furniture and even clothing are moving back towards more natural products and that gives you all the more reason to create your own Polymer Clay necklace, bracelets, and even earrings. Once you get it down to a fine art you can make exclusive pieces to match your every outfit and searching gifts will be something of the past. Hand-made jewellery makes brilliant gifts, and you can style it to suit the birthday girl or a family member perfectly, well that also takes care of quite a few Christmas gifts. So, there is a method in the madness of having too much fun, as that is exactly what making your own jewellery with Polymer clay is all about.

Let’s Go Shopping for Supplies!

First, on the affordable list of things you’ll need is the Polymer clay available at most art shops in a variety of different colours, add a craft knife, oven tray, skewer, baking paper, and twine or letter, and the only other thing you require is a working oven.

Get Comfortable – You’ll Love Creating Your Very First Necklace

The first step is to cover your work surface with a piece of baking paper and then choose your favourite or planned colour as well as white Polymer clay. Start by cutting a few pieces of about half an inch in size of both the white and your selected colour. Put one of each aside and continue to cut the remaining pieces into smaller squares. The sizes should differ as that provides different shades of let’s say green or pink (depending on the colour you selected). By adding more white clay, the shade will be lighter, and with less white clay the colour will be darker. Blend the different size clay blocks together, one white one green for example and roll these into beads, continue rolling until the colours are seamlessly and completely mixed.

Once all colours are rolled into beads, cut each in half, and then flatten each of the halves by placing them between sheets of baking paper. It is easy to roll them with your finger or with a class. The aim is to create discs or about 3 mm and just short of a 1/8”. The flat end of the skewer can then be used to poke each of the disks through the centre, and the disks can then be transferred to the baking tray, while the oven and baking instructions provided on the packaging should be followed. While the disks are in the oven, you can measure and cut the desired length of leather or twine so that it is ready for when the disks are cooled down and ready to leave the oven.
Now that you have the knowledge you can play and try different things, like creating your own beads, and tons of other things.