8. Clay Snail

It is fun for kids to make colorful animal shapes from clay. Besides a snail, you can also help your kids make other animal shapes such as a turtle, a turkey, a butterfly, a mouse, or an elephant.

How to make

To make a clay snail, use a conch-shaped or sea-shell pasta and let your kids paint it as colorfully as they want to. To make the body of the snail, roll out snake-shaped clay and attach the sea-shell or pasta-shape to the middle of the body. To make the face of the snail, you can add craft eyes and antennae.

9. Leaf Impressions

You can use clay that hardens after air-drying or can be hardened by baking. These can be found easily in any art and craft store.

How to make

First, ask your kids to collect big leaves of different shapes from the garden and then clean the leaves. Secondly, ask your kids to use a rolling pin to flatten 2-3 rolls of clay. Then let them make imprints of each leaf on different pieces of clay. Cut off the extra clay from the leaf shape and let the clay air dry. When the leaf shapes are dry, ask your kids to paint the clay with acrylic paint and finally, let the paint dry.

10. Fridge Magnets

Use a self-stick magnet and air-drying clay to make colorful fridge magnets.

How to make

Ask your kids to mix different-colored blobs of clay. Use a rolling pin to flatten it and cut out different shapes like a heart, a fish, a star or a crescent by using cookie cutters. Let it air-dry and harden. Stick a magnet to the back of the shape and decorate your refrigerator by using the fridge magnet.

Clay craft is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Try these clay craft ideas with your kids to help them explore their creative side.