5. Mosaic Art

This is an innovative art project for kids at kindergarten age or older. The dried play dough will teach your kids about recycling or reutilizing waste materials to create something lovely or beautiful.

How to make

Collect different colored, old, dried dough. Use an A4 white paper of cardboard and ask your kids to draw a garden scene with trees, flowers, grass, and the Sun as well. Then use a brush to paint glue inside the outlines. To create a colorful mosaic, ask your kids to glue the bits of the dried dough into these outlines in order. Frame it and finally, display it on a wall.

6. Fruit Basket

This is an imaginative clay activity for 5-year-old kids and older. With some help from adults, they can make up a basket of tiny clay fruits that is very colorful and realistic.

How to make

Ask your kids to make a little basket out of play dough colored brown. Then use yellow, red, purple, and green play dough to help your kids make tiny fruits such as an apple, a banana, a melon, a pineapple, and a bunch of grapes. Finally, use a stick to create markings on the pineapple in order to make it look more realistic.

7. Celestial Puppets

This is a fun activity for kids. Use ice-cream sticks to make clay puppets of a star, the Sun, or a rainbow.

How to make

You will need some play dough of different colors, a few ice-cream sticks or craft sticks, and craft eyes. To make the Sun, roll on a large yellow ball of clay and press a craft stick into it. To make the rays of the Sun, flatten other yellow clay and cut long triangles. To make it look like the sun, attach these to the yellow ball.