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A guide to play Crazy Clay Design game

Children usually like to play with clay to design everything they like. With Crazy Clay Design game, your kids can use clay to design something.

At the beginning of the game, let your kids choose the thing they like. There are hamburger, small house and octopus that have been prepared for kids.

If they like hamburger, start with it. Firstly, choose one of the colors that are shown on the left. You need to choose the corresponding ones on the right position.

Secondly, start to design the hamburger. Make one clay on the panel. Use the knife to cut it and then rub it for some times to round shape. Place some small fragments on it as hamburger scraps.

Thirdly, come to design the inter layer. Pick up one red clay and make it to round shape as tomato.

Fourthly, design green vegetable layer. It will be the layer of chicken and ham parts. Then you need to use the tools to make some holes on the chicken and cut the ham clay parts to some small square parts.

In case you have chosen to design octopus or small house, you can follow the same steps to design. The last step is to assemble the hamburger layer by layer and decorate with other food. Please show us your design at last.


  • Select the clay thing you want to design
  • Design the thing step by step by using the clay
  • Assemble the clay and decorate it
  • Show us your design

How to play:

  • Select the clay thing you like
  • Choose the colors you need to use if you choose hamburger
  • Cut the clay with knife
  • Rub it several times to round shape
  • Put several small fragments as hamburger scraps
  • Choose a red clay to create the tomato layer
  • Follow the same steps to make the cheese, chicken, and ham layer parts
  • Assemble all layers to make one whole hamburger
  • Decorate the table with other food
  • Show us when you have finished your clay.

Homemade Clay recipe (part 4)

8. Clay Snail

It is fun for kids to make colorful animal shapes from clay. Besides a snail, you can also help your kids make other animal shapes such as a turtle, a turkey, a butterfly, a mouse, or an elephant.

How to make

To make a clay snail, use a conch-shaped or sea-shell pasta and let your kids paint it as colorfully as they want to. To make the body of the snail, roll out snake-shaped clay and attach the sea-shell or pasta-shape to the middle of the body. To make the face of the snail, you can add craft eyes and antennae.

9. Leaf Impressions

You can use clay that hardens after air-drying or can be hardened by baking. These can be found easily in any art and craft store.

How to make

First, ask your kids to collect big leaves of different shapes from the garden and then clean the leaves. Secondly, ask your kids to use a rolling pin to flatten 2-3 rolls of clay. Then let them make imprints of each leaf on different pieces of clay. Cut off the extra clay from the leaf shape and let the clay air dry. When the leaf shapes are dry, ask your kids to paint the clay with acrylic paint and finally, let the paint dry.

10. Fridge Magnets

Use a self-stick magnet and air-drying clay to make colorful fridge magnets.

How to make

Ask your kids to mix different-colored blobs of clay. Use a rolling pin to flatten it and cut out different shapes like a heart, a fish, a star or a crescent by using cookie cutters. Let it air-dry and harden. Stick a magnet to the back of the shape and decorate your refrigerator by using the fridge magnet.

Clay craft is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Try these clay craft ideas with your kids to help them explore their creative side.

Homemade Clay recipe (part 3)

5. Mosaic Art

This is an innovative art project for kids at kindergarten age or older. The dried play dough will teach your kids about recycling or reutilizing waste materials to create something lovely or beautiful.

How to make

Collect different colored, old, dried dough. Use an A4 white paper of cardboard and ask your kids to draw a garden scene with trees, flowers, grass, and the Sun as well. Then use a brush to paint glue inside the outlines. To create a colorful mosaic, ask your kids to glue the bits of the dried dough into these outlines in order. Frame it and finally, display it on a wall.

6. Fruit Basket

This is an imaginative clay activity for 5-year-old kids and older. With some help from adults, they can make up a basket of tiny clay fruits that is very colorful and realistic.

How to make

Ask your kids to make a little basket out of play dough colored brown. Then use yellow, red, purple, and green play dough to help your kids make tiny fruits such as an apple, a banana, a melon, a pineapple, and a bunch of grapes. Finally, use a stick to create markings on the pineapple in order to make it look more realistic.

7. Celestial Puppets

This is a fun activity for kids. Use ice-cream sticks to make clay puppets of a star, the Sun, or a rainbow.

How to make

You will need some play dough of different colors, a few ice-cream sticks or craft sticks, and craft eyes. To make the Sun, roll on a large yellow ball of clay and press a craft stick into it. To make the rays of the Sun, flatten other yellow clay and cut long triangles. To make it look like the sun, attach these to the yellow ball.

Clay Jam Game, review

Clay Jam is an action game where players must try to aid residents of a Claymation world. There is some violence, but it is cartoonish and minimal. It has in-app purchases, but they are not aggressively pushed on players and players don’t need them to enjoy the game.

What is it about?

In Clay Jam Game,players attempt to roll a ball at the bully beasts, but not in a malicious manner, to knock them as far as possible at the end of each level. Players have to save a world by rolling a ball down a clay mountain and squashing small creatures to grow in size. Players control the direction of the ball by carving a route in the clay with their fingers, which the ball follows. Bully beasts can only be defeated ultimately by finishing a number of tasks, like rolling down the hill without touching anything or squashing six of a creature in a row. After finishing a level, players collect clay and can use it to create other creatures that they can squash on the hill as well as unlock other hills.

Is it good?

Clay Jam is fun, quirky, and adorable. Its Claymation effects are outstanding  and its gameplay is simple but addictive. The movement is great and the sounds are squishy and often goofy fun.

The game seems simplistic but there is a complexity behind its basic controls that may bring you back time and again. And children will love playing game in a real-life cartoon setting. It is an app that will thrill and amuse both you and your children. And that is all you can ask for from a game app.

App details

Publisher: Zynga

Price: Free

Pricing structure: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android

Category: Action Games

Size: 48.40 MB

Minimum software requirements: iOS 4.3; Android vary with device.

Best and Worst Athlete Wax Figures

In 1970, robotics researcher Dr. Masahiro Mori coined the time period, “uncanny valley,” to describe the intrinsic creepiness we ascribe to something that appears nearly human, but now not pretty. maximum statues don’t veer into the “uncanny valley,” due to the fact they may be regularly constituted of a fabric like bronze and depict its problem on a miles large scale.

That is why the Lincoln Memorial in Washington is a loved destination for visitors, in preference to frightening spectacle onlookers fear may additionally come to existence and terrorize the town.

Wax Figures—a staple of extraordinary-ball museums in traveller locations like Niagara Falls and Hollywood—are designed to appearance human. The very kitschy, weirdness of wax figures is exactly why they’re compelling notwithstanding occupying a place squarely in the “uncanny valley.”

Celebrities and historic figures, residing and useless, are solid as glassy-eyed, waxen doppelgangers—inclusive of famous athletes around the sector.

And although a wax determine is supposed to be inanimate version of the man or woman it honors, now not all wax figures are successful. For sports stars who get the wax-figure treatment, a few are so existence-like, they in reality belong inside the “uncanny valley.” Others are so lousy, they are able to either make you snicker or come up with nightmares.
Good: Carmelo Anthony
Knicks famous person Carmelo Anthony’s wax figure is set as exact because it receives—it even appears a little extra regular than the real Carmelo Anthony. That’s not to say that Melo looks abnormal, but it’s difficult to shake the suspicion that he’s wearing those glasses strictly for fashion motives.

Worst: Andy Murray
The wax discern of Scotland’s Andy Murray truly does him no favors. by hook or by crook it manages to suck out any trace of adorability, changing it absolutely with awkwardness. The hair is quite solid, although.

Good: Mo Farah

British distance running Olympian Mo Farah have to have a sincerely moldable face or some thing, because that aspect seems precisely like him. If the wax parent were not doing the bizarre issue together with his hands, it’d be extremely hard to tell the distinction among them.

Worst: Kobe Bryant
There’s some thing just now not quite right about this wax figure of growing older Lakers famous person Kobe Bryant—some thing except the incorrect hairline. there was manifestly an strive made to seize some of that trademark Kobe intensity, but it reads extra loopy character intense than athlete intense.

Good: Pavel Nedved
Retired Czech striker Pavel Nedved, one-time eu Footballer of the 12 months, interprets properly to wax. He appears a honest bit younger as a statue, but that’s one of the benefits of being molded from wax.

Worst: Lionel Messi
Barcelona celeb ahead Lionel Messi has been created in wax via Madame Tussauds’ ghoulish minions at the least twice, neither of which were winners. This one is a bit greater sensible inside the face; it’s also a touch creepier than the one above.

Unique Houses Are Made of Clay

Casa Terracota is located in Villa de Leyva, a mountain village 95 miles north of Bogota, Colombia. It was built by Colombian architect, Octavio Mendoza. The house is built entirely of clay and baked in the sun, not using steel, cement or other reinforced materials. The house is 5,400 ft2 (502 m2).

The two-story house with a sleeping area is fitted with beds, tables and chairs that are also made of local clay and baked in a kiln. There is a fully equipped kitchen such as dishes, jars, and jars all made of clay. The house uses solar panels to heat up, toilets and bathroom sinks are decorated with colorful mosaic tiles.

Mendoza, who has spent most of her career designing houses, buildings and churches, calls a clay house a project for life. Mendoza’s goal, he said, is to demonstrate how land can be turned into habitable architecture.

In addition, there is another clay house in Vietnam. The owner is Mr. Nguyen Van Buol, an artisan with nearly 30 years in pottery. With the superficial, solid and red natural eye-catching few people know that the house is built from 90% clay materials. Determined to revive a traditional village of the area at risk of disappearance, a brick-ceramic house also formed from there. To him, it is not simply a love of pottery, but he also wants to prove that the old red color will once be a new artistic color for the houses of South Vietnam.

Talking to reporters and artisans in ceramics, it took him nearly ten years to build ideas and prepare materials for a house as magnificent and solid as now.

Not only did he design the drawing himself, he calculated the technical factors himself, Mr. Buôl also sketched each art detail by himself without going to any school. The difficulty is that everything must be aligned so that the material is still raw clay.

It was not until mid-2018 that a red ceramic house made of baked clay was formed. Thanks to taking advantage of the pre-made materials, in just 3 months the house made of baked clay with an area of 300m2 has assembled the frame.

What to Notice When Buy Clay for Your Children

Clay is a toy that brings many benefits for children to help stimulate creativity when children are in school. However, if not carefully selected, the type of toxic clay can affect the health of children.

Most children love playing with clay. Outside the classroom, children can play at home or in the play area for children. However, not all types of modeling clay are safe. You need to pay attention when choosing clay for your child, so as not to adversely affect the health of the baby.

There have been many cases of unsecured clay use, which causes children to have redness and itching. There are also more severe cases that the child may be affected by the nervous system and reproductive organs. Therefore, experts recommend that parents should consider and choose the right type of clay for children.

Choose clay with reputable brand and clear origin

Currently, there are many types of clay from reputable brands from the United States, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. Before choosing to buy, parents should refer to brands with clear origins. Good clay is usually more expensive than usual, but it is accompanied by reliability and safety commitment. This is something parents should note.

Parents should absolutely not purchase un branded branded clay. They are usually sold on sale by price. Unsafe clay is no different than letting children play with poison.

The composition of the clay is non-toxic and meets the quality safety standards

According to the researchers, the unsafe clay contains many metals, chemical synthetic scents and inorganic substances are not good for health. Young children have a weak immune system and resistance. Exposure to these types of clay for a long time will cause damage to the body. Safe quality clay is usually made from wheat flour, salt, cooking oil and food coloring materials, so it can be eaten.

Select modeling clay to age to easily help children learn and play at the same time

After passing a quality test, parents need to pay attention to the age appropriate for the baby to play and the child’s interests. Children under 3 years of age, mothers should choose soft, easily molded soil and bright, attractive colors. For older children, you should let them choose according to personal preferences to create their own creativity. On the market there is a variety of baby clay sets such as professional themed sets, modeling clay with animals or creative images.

What Is Sporting Clays?

Sporting clays is considered as clay pigeon shooting. This sport is often described as playing golf with shotguns because a typical course consists of 10 to 15 different shooting stations on natural terrain. For safety, the course size is usually no less than 35 acres.

Clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting, is officially called soulless shooting. This is the art of shooting at special flying targets, called clay pigeons or clay targets.

The term often used by clay shooters is often related to time ago. It takes place when live pigeon competitions are held. Although such contests were deemed illegal in the United Kingdom in 1921, a target could still be called a “bird”, a shot could be called a “kill” and the target was miss is “bird away”; The target projector is still called a “trap”.

This is a kind of shooting competition. Shoot the clay released from the trap (clay discharge kit) (a plate with a diameter of 11 cm of baked clay mixed with altitude and lime) with a shotgun and compete for the number of grinding times. There are traps and shoots. Previously, six shooters became a group, five stands were constantly moving and a piece of clay was emitted to fly away to the shooter within 45 ° left and right from the front trap 15 m was shot. The second type shoots clay alternately or simultaneously emits from the high and low traps on the left and right of the firing table.

The angle to the clay varies a lot as it consecutively matches seven images arranged in a semicircle and eighth zoom board in the center. It originated from a shooting game by releasing a domestic pigeon made in England since the late 18th century. Shooting at the Olympic Games is an official event at the Athens Olympic Games 1, but clay shooting (son) is the first Parisian Olympics 2nd. The shooting of women’s clay from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games also became an official event. In Japan, at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Watanabe Kazuzo won a silver medal in a trap, becoming the first medal acquisition in Asia.

This kid’s DIY Clay Koalas Have Funded Over $140K To help save Australia

Who says one person can’t alternate the sector? A person who doesn’t believe that statement is a 6-year-old boy who is doing his component to help ease the devastation of the Australian wildfires. Even from thousands of miles away, this little boy is creating a massive mark on supporting to ease the weight from those fires, handmade koalas at a time.

Owen Colley is a kindergartener from Hingham, Massachusetts, and whilst he heard about the Australian fires weeks in the past, he changed into devastated. He asked his mother if any of the animals have been hurt in the fireplace and whilst she instructed him many animals were affected, he knew he wanted to assist. His mom, Caitlin Colley, informed CNN, Owen left the room and drew a photo of a koala, dingo, and kangaroo within the rain. It turned into a illustration of his desire for Australia, understanding that rain could carry alleviation. This little boy has a connection to the usa, having lived there for some months while he became a toddler.
“It become genuinely the first time Owen had made a wish for some thing other than Lego or some thing apart from himself,” Owen’s mom said. “We requested him if he desired to help and … together we got here up with this. We could make a few clay koalas and provide them in reaction to donations from friends and family.”

And that’s precisely what they did! Owen started out making little clay koalas and could ask for a $50 donation for every body who wanted to take home one of the clay koalas. The idea took off, the use of the app Venmo, he raised $1000, his initial purpose, earlier than shifting over to a GoFundMe, in which his fundraiser sincerely took off.

Owen’s fundraiser has now risen to over $one hundred forty,000 and he has set a new intention of trying to raise $3 million, which sounds massive, but he’s encouraged enough to do what he can to make it manifest. His mom instructed CNN that donations are rolling in and range among $5 and $150, and those upload up.

“Anybody can make a difference and while we come collectively, we are able to make an even larger difference,” Caitlin Colley said. “I simply i like the concept that perhaps other youngsters can take this to their communities and promote little clay koalas domestically and raise money for this brilliant cause.”

This family is actually exquisite for spending their time and resources to assist! And it’s amazing proof that if you have an concept to help, no one is too small or too a long way away to make an effect.

Parrots Eat Clay in The Amazon Forest

Macaws and parrots in general of the Amazon rainforest specialize in clay. They gathered together on the banks of the river to peck the land, which created a splendid spectacle that attracted thousands of tourists.

But why do these birds eat clay? A majority of scientists think that they lack sodium in their diet. Sodium is essential for many body activities. Many herbivores have a complete plant-based diet. Their bodies require more salt because plants do not contain enough salt. Therefore, animals often feed on sodium by licking salt. Clays and soils contain lots of sodium, as well as many other nutrients like potassium and magnesium.

In addition, it is not excluded the ability of parrots to eat clay to eliminate toxins in the body from their regular food. When parrots eat clay, the clay particles react with natural toxins like quinine and tannic acid, which prevent the toxins from being absorbed from the digestive tract. However, research seems to suggest that this species of parrot deficits sodium.

For parrots in the Amazon, sodium is considered essential for the functioning of the nervous system as well as muscle contraction. The supply of sodium in tropical rainforests is often difficult to find but is stored in clay tablets. It is estimated that the Amazon clay soils contain 40 times more sodium than the foods that parrots normally consume. Sodium is essential but often severely lacking in the diet of the Amazon parrot. Therefore, they need to eat clay, especially during important times like pregnancy.

There are many locations in Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador in the Amazon rainforest where visitors can come across clay-eating parrots. However, most tourists choose the Tambopata National Reserve in southeastern Peru to visit because the terrain there is quite convenient for travel. In addition, visitors can visit this parrot in Manu National Park, also in Peru, or Yasuni National Park, in Ecuador. These two locations also attract a large number of visitors.