Children usually like to play with clay to design everything they like. With Crazy Clay Design game, your kids can use clay to design something.

At the beginning of the game, let your kids choose the thing they like. There are hamburger, small house and octopus that have been prepared for kids.

If they like hamburger, start with it. Firstly, choose one of the colors that are shown on the left. You need to choose the corresponding ones on the right position.

Secondly, start to design the hamburger. Make one clay on the panel. Use the knife to cut it and then rub it for some times to round shape. Place some small fragments on it as hamburger scraps.

Thirdly, come to design the inter layer. Pick up one red clay and make it to round shape as tomato.

Fourthly, design green vegetable layer. It will be the layer of chicken and ham parts. Then you need to use the tools to make some holes on the chicken and cut the ham clay parts to some small square parts.

In case you have chosen to design octopus or small house, you can follow the same steps to design. The last step is to assemble the hamburger layer by layer and decorate with other food. Please show us your design at last.


  • Select the clay thing you want to design
  • Design the thing step by step by using the clay
  • Assemble the clay and decorate it
  • Show us your design

How to play:

  • Select the clay thing you like
  • Choose the colors you need to use if you choose hamburger
  • Cut the clay with knife
  • Rub it several times to round shape
  • Put several small fragments as hamburger scraps
  • Choose a red clay to create the tomato layer
  • Follow the same steps to make the cheese, chicken, and ham layer parts
  • Assemble all layers to make one whole hamburger
  • Decorate the table with other food
  • Show us when you have finished your clay.