Clay will help your child become familiar with how to create shapes from everyday objects with different colors. Thanks to that, children can develop their creative thinking.

Learn to count clay numbers and alphabets

This is a method to help your baby learn easily without being bored and lazy. Parents can make letters and numbers ready for children to use multicolored clay to mold. At first, your child may not be able to absorb it yet. Therefore, parents must patiently guide their children.

You can play with your child in clay-related games. For example, see who makes the letter or number better or quiz what the word is, what number and what color it is. This game helps your child remember numbers and letters more closely.

Practice mixing colors with clay

You can train your child to recognize colors in clay. When you are more proficient, you can teach your children to mix basic colors from clay. Mother and child take two different clay colors and mold them to combine to create a mixed color. Before combining, she asked her what color to combine with these two colors? Your baby will be very excited to see if the result is true. This game forging intelligence, judgment and above all perseverance, patience to smooth the mixture, blend into a uniform color.

Squeeze fruits from clay

Babies can eat fruits daily but if their mother does not remind them of the color and taste of each fruit they will not know the difference. Therefore, squeezing fruit from clay will help your baby know the fruits by color, shape and taste as well.

Shaping animals from clay

Parents can also use existing molds to shape adorable animals such as dogs, cats, pigs, bears, butterflies and more. From there, you can describe the cries of each animal for your baby to remember. This game helps children remember their animals and their cries.